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Uploaded: 04.01.2008 08:58
Categories: Cooling

GSX - DFI Blood-Iron NB Block.

DFI Blood-Iron NB Block.

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10.01.2008 13:38 GSXThat makes me even happier. The batch was the main reason I got it. I looked at a ton of them trying to get a late week 27 but this was the best I could find. It will do just fine tho.
10.01.2008 13:31 s0lidMy friend had one with same batch :) http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=655191
10.01.2008 13:30 s0lidGSX u got good Q6600 there :) that is one of best batches :) That should go up to 4ghz and over :)
10.01.2008 12:04 GSXYep, you were right. You just can't beat the bang for the buck. I'll have to make it fold now, since that would be a waste of cpu ideling 24/7.
10.01.2008 11:46 HaoKiWhat'd I say...:P It'll go atleast 3,6GHz...Mine does 4,1Ghz for Superpi runs but it's nowhere near stable...:P
10.01.2008 04:14 GSXSo it seems that it's Q6600 after all.. A SLACR G0 week 26..Can we all hold hands and say 4Ghz? :D
06.01.2008 03:33 GSXI did get to 3411mhz stable , and benched in the mid 13k.
06.01.2008 03:32 GSXYea, the chip wasn't the most expensive one around. It won't hurt that much if it's gone.
06.01.2008 03:31 JipaThat's the spirit! Clock it 'till it bleeds and then get a faster one! ;)
06.01.2008 03:28 GSXYoshi: I lapped the IHS on the chip, and my block. Still crappy temps. Plus I'm not sure what to monitor with. Core temp shows sane temps, but smart guardian is atleast 10c higher.
06.01.2008 03:27 GSXHaoki: It's weird if you come from amd. I was idle 28, load 33c. Now with intel it has a 20c delta. I guess it's just intel, and I gotta get used to it. If it burns, then I'll just get a quad.
05.01.2008 13:13 HaoKiNope...
05.01.2008 13:07 YoshiHave you already lapped your HS ?
05.01.2008 12:32 HaoKiWell my Q6600 idles at sub 30 temps and the prime load temps are almost 60...:) Doesn't seen that weird to me...:D
05.01.2008 07:11 GSXTemperature problem. There is a difference of 20c between idle and load. Seems a bit weird to me, unless that's intel.
05.01.2008 05:06 YoshiWhat kinda problem do you have ?
05.01.2008 03:07 GSXI hope so Yoshi.. I'm having some delta problems on the cpu right now, it's at about 20 degrees. Once that is sorted, I'll be going balls out.
05.01.2008 01:23 YoshiNow we can have some serious OC :)
04.01.2008 23:23 GSXYou got it s0lid. Seemed like the best choice without cutting one custom..
04.01.2008 18:15 s0lidHmm DangerDen MPC-Universal Chipset Block ;)?
04.01.2008 17:23 Akamethat d-tek block is massive o.o
04.01.2008 11:49 GSXIt peeled a bit, but i wasn't trying that hard. If you heat it up with a hair dryer it would come off fine.
04.01.2008 11:30 Yoshidid the seal peel off without breaking ?
04.01.2008 08:59 GSXCopper with brass top.