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Uploaded: 13.01.2008 06:00
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GSX - Blood Iron, and Q6600 FTW!

Blood Iron, and Q6600 FTW!

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16.01.2008 15:17 GSXI think it should still be fine, I hope at least since I voided the warranty :D Anyways, I cut some sinks yesterday, will have pics as soon as they're attached.
16.01.2008 01:13 HaoKiLets see when my mobo fries...:P
16.01.2008 01:09 JipaNo problems m8, I hope the help came in time :) Although you already were talking earlier about adding a heatsink..
15.01.2008 23:18 GSXThanks for the info Jipa. I will most definitely add some sinks if it's not dead alrady.
15.01.2008 15:20 Jipa(Asked for more information from Augu and he said those mobos were killed by overclocked Q6600 on water cooling :/ )
15.01.2008 15:19 JipaSeriously atleast add a fan for the components if you don't have a suitable heatsink. On watercooling those _will_ blow up.
15.01.2008 15:15 JipaGSX: You mean these transistors: http://koti.mbnet.fi/augu/bloodiron/iron1fetti.jpg ? You might want to add some cooling, because those blowing up is a typical failure for Bloodiron :/ You can see that the guy has already repaired two of those mobos for the same reason.
15.01.2008 14:35 GSXmain reason i got it is beacuse it standard ATX, and that is all that will fit. It has an extra 18A compared to the Ultra too.
15.01.2008 14:33 GSXI just grabbed a TruPower 650(bit on a budget). If 12V@54A is not enough, then I will be speech less.
15.01.2008 10:22 HaoKiWell Ultra hasn't had the best reputation lately...;)
15.01.2008 09:27 s0lidHeh i thought than bqt is crappy brand. Well i was wrong :d
15.01.2008 08:51 GSXIt was a crappy brand. It happened during a stress test. It was running for about 8 hours, and just died out of no where. No surprise as the same thing happened to a similar one a while back. No more crappy brands over here..
15.01.2008 07:44 s0lidWtf :D 600W is not enought??? I had Qaud @ 3.95ghz + Hd2900 Pro @ 850/950 powered by 500W BQt :D
15.01.2008 04:12 GSXAlso the transistors?? labled R35 around the cpu seem to get crazy hot. I mean to the point that it almost burned me while touching it. I think that will need some sort of sink.
15.01.2008 04:10 GSXSo.. The Quad owned my PSU! It was a crappy Ultra 600W that worked fine on C2D, but the Quad at 3.8+ was too much for it.
14.01.2008 11:46 GSXand I'm using Core Temp 0.96 for the readings.
14.01.2008 11:45 GSXLaurilr, it's semi stable.. One core crashed after about 8 hours of prime95. Might have to jack the vcore a bit.
14.01.2008 11:44 GSXYou're totaly right Japala. Most users will not notice any difference. Gamers on the other hand will see the lack of performance. I admit Quads are overkill, but atleast it's not going to waste here. I give the unsuded cycles to F@H and it completes a work unit every 22hrs or so on average.
14.01.2008 11:17 laurilrAre you using Core Temp 0.95.4 Beta or newer?
14.01.2008 11:02 laurilrOoh, stable @ 4GHz :D Thats pretty well :)
14.01.2008 10:02 JapalaBut don't take this the wrong way, I'm Intel user myself. It is just that for majority of people it shouldn't matter what CPU is inside the case. It could be funny to make a blind test and slap Intel Inside sticker to some system that has an AMD cpu. Would the user notice the lacking performance without checking the system specs? :)
14.01.2008 09:59 JapalaIt is almost funny to see how people stare only the raw benchmark numbers. Firefox works just fine with AMD processors too. ;) Majority of these benchmarkers don't seem to use their machines to anything "real". And even when the CPU power is needed, those milliseconds here and there do not alter the user experience in any major way.
14.01.2008 09:35 YoshiNo wonder AMD is losing customers :(
14.01.2008 08:15 JipaYeah I know it's superior and I'm not a fanboy.. But then again I don't have the money and I'm still pretty happy with my X2 4600+ as long as I don't compare any scores ;)
14.01.2008 01:03 GSXJipa: I was a long time intel hater, but I was wrong :D Go for it, as intel is just superior at this point and time.
14.01.2008 01:02 GSXRight now only one thing is holdiong it back. I have a 2 way acrylic mirror on order, that still didn't arrive. As soon as that get here, the project will be done.
14.01.2008 00:56 JapalaDon't worry, you seems to be doing nice progress. Keep up the good work :)
14.01.2008 00:55 JipaMakes me want to hop into the Intel-bandwagon. Damnit.
14.01.2008 00:19 GSXHaoKi: 3.4 is more than enough for these chips, I doubt it would ever get maxed with regular use. I probably will just run mine at 3.8 24/7 folding. That seems like the sane limit.
14.01.2008 00:18 GSXJapala: I'm sorry man, I know I must seem ike the most unreliable person that ever stepped foot here. It's both are nearly done, but I don't want to promise you a date again.
14.01.2008 00:16 GSXlaurilr: It's on water. I can go higher just for a cpuz validation, but getting it stable past 4ghz is another story.
14.01.2008 00:15 GSXSolid: Yep, you were right. I love this chip, but it is a bit power hungry compaared to others I have seen. Can't exactly complain to as it got up there.
13.01.2008 19:15 HaoKiWell I'm afraid that's not the case with every cpu. Actually getting 4GHz stable on these isn't that guaranteed. :)
13.01.2008 18:56 laurilrIf water, Q6600 should overclock much more :)
13.01.2008 18:56 laurilrIs this cooled by air of water?
13.01.2008 16:57 JapalaAny idea about the articles...? ;)
13.01.2008 12:20 s0lidLike i told ya ;D weeks 26 Q6600 G0s go over 4ghz.
13.01.2008 12:06 HaoKiI'm idling at 25-30 and loading at 53-58... Though I'm only running at 3,4 atm...:)
13.01.2008 12:02 HaoKiMy fingers are itching to get to 4ghz again...;)
13.01.2008 12:01 GSXOh and the e4500 turned out to be bad. There was a bad contact between the IHS and core. This caused outrageous temps even on idle.
13.01.2008 12:00 GSXYes, Coretemp. I still have not hit 60c on any core today.
13.01.2008 11:40 HaoKiWhat did you use to measure the temps? Coretemp?
13.01.2008 11:29 GSXI was loading at 53-57C. I backed off to 3.8 for now, and now it's at about 48-52c.
13.01.2008 11:20 HaoKiJust gotta love that combination...;) What are your temps like with those clocks?
13.01.2008 06:01 GSXTook me about 5 mins to get there.