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Uploaded: 16.01.2008 16:55
Categories: Cooling

GSX - Block mounted.

Block mounted.

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17.01.2008 05:59 GSXIt's in a wierd spot tho. Only about an inch of the board edge. I'll post some pis soon, as I cut new sinks. I just decided to cool it all!
17.01.2008 01:05 HaoKiOvertightening is a main reason for warping...:P The oem push-pin solution for the cpu-cooler really bends the crap out of the motherboard...
16.01.2008 22:44 s0lidWell my BoneTrail didn't like my Apogee gt :/ It just gets too tight :F
16.01.2008 18:02 laurilrMy mobo is also warped :D There is like a "dimple" in the CPU-slot. It doesn't have an effective to working.
16.01.2008 17:37 GSXI just took a closer look at the board, and it's warped... Right in the spot between the mosfets. I wonder if it was the heat, or maybe I over tightened the block.
16.01.2008 17:30 GSXI will try to get a 120x10mm if they even exist. I can't put tanything thicker because of the 8 pin power, and now the sink.
16.01.2008 17:26 JipaIs there a fan sucking air on the other side of that rad? Unless it's a very low power version, I'd guess it gives a nice airflow around the CPU area..