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Uploaded: 17.01.2008 07:35
Categories: Cooling

GSX - DFI Blood Iron Sinks V.2

DFI Blood Iron Sinks V.2

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23.01.2008 12:18 HaoKi;) Glad to hear you got it RMA'd. Hope to see more of your project soon...:D
23.01.2008 11:15 GSXI just found one for $25 more than the blood. I don't think I can stop myself with that black pcb... All my pcb's would be black, and I mean all.
23.01.2008 09:18 Yoshistick with blood ;)
23.01.2008 07:11 GSXI'm still not sure if I should keep it, or get the Dark..
23.01.2008 07:10 GSXHa! They RMA'd it. New one will be here tomorrow. I love this store!
17.01.2008 20:00 laurilrI really overtighted my CPU block but mobo is still working well :O And it was really tight ^^
17.01.2008 18:38 YoshiNo he did not... He did not crush NB, he "just" overtightened CPU block :E
17.01.2008 17:15 s0lidHeh u killed that mobo same way than i my evga 680i :DDD
17.01.2008 16:50 Yoshiaww crap... I can spot the broken label of NB :(
17.01.2008 16:06 JipaI'd say the design is defective. That should NOT happen, with or even without the heatsinks. Afterall it's supposed to be an overclocking mobo?
17.01.2008 15:15 HaoKiUu...Google is my best friend...;)
17.01.2008 15:11 HaoKiWhat DFI dark? Is there a newer one than the p965-s version?
17.01.2008 15:02 GSXI cleaned it up nice, so I might try and rma it. I want to try the new "DFI Dark" board tho, so I'm still not sure. One thing for sure, this is getting expensive.
17.01.2008 14:54 HaoKiNow I'm actually really getting scared...:S
17.01.2008 14:53 HaoKiAww...:S
17.01.2008 14:14 GSXRIP Blood Iron... The sinks came too late, as I think the warpage killed it. For some reason it won't even power on anymore.
17.01.2008 10:48 GSXIt's actually worst than it looks in that picture...
17.01.2008 10:27 HaoKiThe kink i mean.... Those heatsink look like they're gonna do their job...:)
17.01.2008 10:25 HaoKiUu...That looks nasty...:S
17.01.2008 07:39 GSXYup that is the warp I was talking about... and yes those are from a Ultra PSU.
17.01.2008 07:37 ErrtuNice wave on your board! Are those sinks from old PSU?