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Uploaded: 31.01.2008 08:09
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GSX - DFI LanParty DK P35-T2RS "Dark"

DFI LanParty DK P35-T2RS "Dark"

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11.03.2008 04:49 GSXlol, yea I was told that by a few ppl already. I had nothing but good experiences with p35, so I'm staying intel. Even tho P35 is the only intel I ever had...
10.03.2008 22:01 HaoKiI really wouldn't recommend any Nvidia chipset right now. They have more problems than my car...which is alot...
10.03.2008 21:28 GSX780/90 is nice, but I hear it has a lot of problems..
10.03.2008 21:28 GSXIt was beautiful, butthe x38 looks exactly like it.
10.03.2008 14:05 CircusactBeautifful or not... The x38 is mutli-gpu. I say get a 780/90i and ride the nvidia wave with us.
10.03.2008 13:15 YoshiWhat a shame :/ This was a beautiful board :)
10.03.2008 09:35 GSXThere seemed to be a shortage of the DK P35's, so I already unloaded it for the same price I puchased it for. That atleast helped offset the price of the new board.
10.03.2008 09:32 GSXX38 supports Cross Fire, while P35 has a single PCI-E slot. I really like the Dark series, and now this one I can finally change the NB HS without voiding a warranty.
10.03.2008 07:52 s0lidno eXtreme it's Xtreme damn it :D
10.03.2008 07:27 Circusacttis the 'X' factor... intell has qX-whatever, creative has X-fi... everything is eXtreme now... even the bus we use for gfx has a fast name. lol
10.03.2008 07:12 s0lid"I just want that x38" well X38 isn't that different when compared to P35...
10.03.2008 04:30 GSXNo no, it fine. I just want that x38.
10.03.2008 04:22 HaoKiYou killed it?
10.03.2008 03:44 GSXSo... I pulled the trigger on the DFI X38-T2RS Dark :D
06.03.2008 00:36 GSXTell me baout it :P I can't stop myself...
05.03.2008 17:13 JipaGSX's Intel-board-shopping-spree is to be continued? :D
05.03.2008 16:15 GSXI almost bought the new x38 dark last week :p
05.03.2008 16:14 GSXI lost count already..lol. I swapped way to many components... I really need to stop using it, and finish this thing.
04.03.2008 14:12 vikiBtw, how much the Project: BlackWater is costed :P ?
27.02.2008 16:14 BARTMANsame mobo over here :D it's pwns ^^
02.02.2008 22:23 s0lidHehe typo M2.5
02.02.2008 12:44 s0lidAti HD2000 series M3 and Gf8800 series 2.5M
02.02.2008 12:18 JipaI think motherboards have 4 mm holes and graphic cards 3 mm... Not sure though.
02.02.2008 11:25 s0lidLga775 cooler mounting hole size is M4 :)
02.02.2008 11:03 GSXI believe they're M4's, tho I'm not sure. It's the screws that come with the D-tek block.
02.02.2008 08:18 ScaleoGSX: What is size of the screw
31.01.2008 22:46 kazooLooks beautiful to me <3
31.01.2008 22:21 ScaleoM2?
31.01.2008 16:47 YoshiLets see how much this baby can handle :)
31.01.2008 13:13 HaoKiThis looks nice... Hoping to see some results soon...;)
31.01.2008 12:45 laurilrI want that mobo :drool
31.01.2008 11:01 GSXYea man, it looks sick with the other black parts. I'm going to re-do the loop, so I'll snap a pic of it all together. I think it's time for a coolant color change too.
31.01.2008 10:19 JipaLets see if this can handle more abuse :) Atleast it looks moar pr0n than the BI with it's black pcb and heatsinks..
31.01.2008 09:32 GSXJapanese Solid Caps FTW!
31.01.2008 09:32 GSXI sold the new BI I got from RMA, and just bought this. The BI price jumped up by $30 in the USa, so this was only about $10 extra.
31.01.2008 08:47 YoshiWiiiiiiiiii :) Got this from RMA eh ?