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Uploaded: 04.02.2008 10:04
Categories: Desktop shots and software related

GSX - Hmm..


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05.02.2008 12:11 laurilrYea the best performance is when ram is 1:1 to fsb. Have u tried with 8x multiplier?
05.02.2008 01:44 GSXWhy would I want to lower the bus? Higher it is the better the performance.. Ram also should of been a 1:1
04.02.2008 23:04 Circusactthat bus speed looks high for intel. drop the ram down a notch and use 8x 500 or 505. can you limit the bus speed on intel?
04.02.2008 22:52 GSXNa it's not stable what so ever. It was a suicide run. It is on water tho.
04.02.2008 11:55 Yoshidriven with water eh ?
04.02.2008 11:44 HaoKiIs it stable?
04.02.2008 10:05 GSXThat voltage is wreckless....
04.02.2008 10:04 GSXhttp://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=307820