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Uploaded: 11.03.2008 10:56
Categories: Full case

GSX - I must have lost my mind...

I must have lost my mind...

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12.03.2008 02:33 GSXYea, no windows on this. I don't like the mac OS at all. It
11.03.2008 11:52 I think that is with PPC-cpu so you cant run windows on it but linux is allways an option ;)
11.03.2008 11:41 Jipaoh that's not a bad price to pay for such a laptop! Dunno if those can run XP, but for less money than Asus Eee... Damn even I could get a mac if they were that cheap!
11.03.2008 11:34 GSXNothing, I just got a Mac...lol
11.03.2008 11:33 vikiSo wtf is happened on this pic :P ?
11.03.2008 11:32 GSXLol, yea I don't know what I was thinking. I couldn't pass it up for $250 tho. 1.5GHZ/512/80GB, a bit beat up tho.
11.03.2008 11:30 JipaOh noes! Just keep buying them hot motherboards, that's just *** :(
11.03.2008 11:22 fancy*
11.03.2008 11:22 I could buy a mac too...and run linux on it (I don't care about the OS X, they just look francy from outside ;)
11.03.2008 10:59 s0lidMac failed?