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Uploaded: 13.03.2008 04:57
Categories: Other Computer Components

GSX - DFI LanParty DK X38-T2RS

DFI LanParty DK X38-T2RS

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14.03.2008 07:05 GSXI checked it with the usual credit card trick, and it seemed flat. I wouldn't try to lap it anyway.
14.03.2008 00:08 Haba6very cool
13.03.2008 17:05 YoshiLet's just hope that the HS is not as warped as the ones in Intel CPU's :) Still, it somehow bothers me that could it be sanded :P
13.03.2008 16:34 JipaI could live with el-cheapo Lian-Li as well.. Why don't they do that in Finland too :(
13.03.2008 12:54 GSXYes my P35-T2RS did pwn, tho I have a feeling this will pwn more :P
13.03.2008 12:53 GSXIt's bought. It's a Lian Li PC-A71B, which is rebadged and sold by a major electronics chain. It also only costs 1/3 of the Lian Li, yet it's the same thing..
13.03.2008 12:43 BARTMANi've got an DFI DARK P35 -T2R ;} it's pwns ^^
13.03.2008 12:41 Jipa...or made
13.03.2008 12:41 JipaOh mind telling what case you got?
13.03.2008 12:29 GSXNew case too!
13.03.2008 12:13 Jipayay new hardware!
13.03.2008 10:19 GSXYea, they give you the option to use your own cooler. I guess it's because of the capped chip, so nubs can't damage it.
13.03.2008 10:09 YoshiOh... i didn't notice that there is no sticker :) those are just solderings :/ I just thought that you already have removed the NB cooler but not this time :)
13.03.2008 09:55 GSXHow is that? Thats how it ships...
13.03.2008 09:52 YoshiAnd out of the window goes the warranty ;)