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Uploaded: 13.03.2008 04:59
Categories: Cooling | Other Computer Components

GSX - DFI LanParty DK X38-T2RS

DFI LanParty DK X38-T2RS

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17.01.2012 18:23 2hammaskojooottihow much you sell that mobo for me??
13.03.2008 22:16 laurilrSo you think it should be Intel/AMD's chipset :O (For Intel's CPU)?
13.03.2008 21:33 CircusactIve only owned one intell board and it was teh shite. i975 I believe it was. Its sitting in the corner crying atm.
13.03.2008 17:19 laurilr"No nvidia chipsets for me" That is so damn right!
13.03.2008 13:42 GSXQ6600 L726B
13.03.2008 12:55 vikiWhat processor are u gonna put on it ;) ?
13.03.2008 10:21 GSXYea, I was thinking of 3870 CF, but from the looks of it they kinda suck. Might go with a single nvidia card for now.
13.03.2008 10:17 Circusactsome sleep is needed here as well. been up for 22hours today.. Get that mobo some quailty companions ;).. lol I have heard good things about that board.
13.03.2008 09:59 GSXit's getting late, my sentances don't make sense...lol
13.03.2008 09:56 GSXThis is the last board for a while.. The 790 is like have more holes in them than swiss cheese :P No nvidia chipsets for me.
13.03.2008 09:53 YoshiThat NB cooler looks sick :P
13.03.2008 08:46 Circusacthaha. wait till he sees what the 790 mobos have to offer. HAHAHA
13.03.2008 08:02 s0lidU've stopped that mobo changing rampage :D?
13.03.2008 07:12 Circusactthat is one smexy mobo... I just don't like the yellow and oragne. If it was black and grey.