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Uploaded: 14.03.2008 07:03
Categories: Full case

GSX - Rocketfish aka Lian Li PC-A71B.

Rocketfish aka Lian Li PC-A71B.

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14.03.2008 22:10 GSXIt's useless if youre on air. I still have to throw a shrouded rad with 38mm thick fans. The whole top will be filled.
14.03.2008 18:56 laurilrI can easily imagine a watercooling in that case.. I don't think that is uselessly huge
14.03.2008 15:51 ZseLotHWell It hasnt yet equipped with psu so it will take some room
14.03.2008 15:39 NormimodiGood case. Hopefully all of the wires are enough long.
14.03.2008 14:55 Jipasome positive feedback noticed :D lol. Atleast it was a bargain for Lian-Li
14.03.2008 14:15 LcdloHmm, seems that it would be quite easy to make it house two computers. Atx with M-atx might fit very easy, only backpanel needs to redo. So it's really huge. :)
14.03.2008 13:42 willekwow. that is absolutely uselessly huge.
14.03.2008 13:25 HaoKiMy appartment is smaller than that...:S
14.03.2008 13:25 laurilrLol, fill that with wires ;P
14.03.2008 13:00 JipaI lol'd. That's what I call "too large". You better get something to fill that..
14.03.2008 11:51 GSXI was thinking about getting it anodized since I got it cheap.
14.03.2008 11:50 GSXYup. It's a $300 case for $100. I couldn't pass it up.
14.03.2008 09:30 Circusactthis is one of those rebranded lian li cases right? the ones that sell for like 1/4 the price of the original?
14.03.2008 07:04 GSXInternals are setup different compared to the actual lian li.