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Uploaded: 22.03.2008 09:08
Categories: Cooling

GSX - The interior of the new res.

The interior of the new res.

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24.03.2008 02:28 GSXAcrifix might be you best bet. The stuff i use is so strong that if you try to break a glued joint it will most likely break somewhere else. It literally welds the two pieces together.
24.03.2008 00:19 LcdloThanks. It seems that i can't get that ips weld-on glue anywhere in finland. I founded this Acrifix 192 glue, wich seems to be good enough. I tried to glue earlier with epoxy, but that didn't work so good. I ordered that acrifix, so hopefully i can make some test next week.
23.03.2008 23:49 GSXThis tube didn't come out perfect, but it was my first time doing this kind of work.
23.03.2008 23:49 GSXI used IPS Weld-on #16. This one is made especially for gluing acrylic, as it works on the molecular level and fuses the acrylic together. Good thing about #16 is that it's a gel type, so no runs like with the other.
23.03.2008 23:32 JipaThe proper glue meant for acrylic is the only thing that I would trust.. Very liquid-ish and hard to use because of that, but it really gets the job done.
23.03.2008 23:03 LcdloWhat kind of glue you used?