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Uploaded: 13.04.2008 07:06
Categories: Cooling

GSX - Custom made 4x120 AC Ryan Radgrillz

Custom made 4x120 AC Ryan Radgrillz

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14.04.2008 17:20 s0lidAnd how the heck i tought than u live in Germany :D
14.04.2008 15:14 verru.lol
14.04.2008 00:22 GSXI don't live in Germany.. I'm from Poland, but live in the USA. I order from a place called Performance-pcs.com
13.04.2008 22:12 ZseLotHyea but sites etc...
13.04.2008 18:13 s0lidZseLoTH: GSX lives in Germany, perhaps from there =)
13.04.2008 17:44 ZseLotHbtw... from where do you order this stuff?
13.04.2008 15:37 GSXJipa: That is good in a way(that u didn't notice it was two grills, not that ur bling :D). Once I remove those two pieces it should look stock.
13.04.2008 15:23 JipaGSX: I really didn't notice the gap :O Maybe I need to get my eyes checked.
13.04.2008 15:06 vikiMe likes =D
13.04.2008 15:03 Saakkimhh i can see yeah like that hole to the left..yeah they would match nicely after that
13.04.2008 14:27 GSXyea the cut is nice and close. Tho I'm thinking about cutting out the other two bars between the screws. This way it will really match across the whole grill.
13.04.2008 14:22 Saakkiyeah but couldnt tell that they were once apart
13.04.2008 14:17 GSXCustom as in that is two grills made into one.. I thought that was obvious.
13.04.2008 13:57 SaakkiNice finishing mate
13.04.2008 13:27 ZseLotHcustom is that you stuff that into your box looking like it has always been there.
13.04.2008 12:57 JipaIs it just me or why don't "AC Ryan" and "custom made" kinda fit on the same description? It sure looks nice, though..
13.04.2008 12:53 GSXIt's still not finished, but you guys get the idea.
13.04.2008 12:26 ZseLotHbeautiful ^^
13.04.2008 10:55 s0lidLooks good M8 :)