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Uploaded: 27.04.2008 11:02
Categories: Game consoles

GSX - GTA IV, few days before it hits shelves..

GTA IV, few days before it hits shelves..

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10.06.2008 06:49 GSXIt fell off a truck :D
09.06.2008 22:46 NearCryHow did you get that so early?
27.04.2008 23:18 GSXSimppa, I played it on live yesterday and didn't get banned yet.
27.04.2008 23:17 GSXI'm sure it will be out for pc within like a year.
27.04.2008 23:11 SimppaSo if u play it before it's launched then u get banned from xbox live
27.04.2008 17:55 vikiYep, SA it really is a poop on pc, and when u got mods and cheats on it goes a bugging shit... Not nice looking 1680 x 1050 either... but it is good game with GTA Finland mod, I like the suzuki PV, and many other bikes ;).
27.04.2008 17:03 JipaYes. It was made to run smoothly on Xbox and PS2, not to look nice on 1920x1200 resolution.
27.04.2008 16:58 laurilrJipa, SA looked like poop on PC? O.o
27.04.2008 16:57 alfonsunreleasing gta: IV to pc would be stupid, but why lauri is sure about release?
27.04.2008 16:35 ZseLotHHeyhey remember that MS is selling xboxes under their right price... so of course they give the console version first. :D
27.04.2008 16:27 JipaGTA:SA came first for consoles as well? It's just their way of doing things. SA looked like poop on PC, but luckily the consoles have gone a long way since SA :)
27.04.2008 13:31 laurilrThere is going to be PC-version
27.04.2008 13:30 alfonsit looked good but cars physics didnt look so good..
27.04.2008 13:07 vikiI watched the ingame playing trailer, damn this is good game... Had to warez it or buy =D
27.04.2008 12:41 alfonsand they are saying that its not coming to pc...
27.04.2008 11:10 JipaDamn you. Not like I would do anything with a console version of that game, but I'm sure waiting the PC-version!