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Uploaded: 22.07.2008 08:11
Categories: Boats | Other transportation methods | Water sports

GSX - My new favorite sport..

My new favorite sport..

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09.06.2009 16:30 Jipa...that's what he claims ;)
09.06.2009 16:24 pctonThat sure looks like a finnish lake but wasn't GSX from states?
22.07.2008 20:38 GSXIt makes a decent wake. It gets bigger when you put more weight on the back of the jet ski. So if you have a rather fat spotter on the back, you can make some decent waves..
22.07.2008 16:05 overtensionYou know, there is a wakeboard cableway in Ukkohalla, Hyrynsalmi. I've been there like 5-6h in a day whole summer. :D www.ukkohalla.fi
22.07.2008 13:05 laurilrWell I just gotta hope that I can water ski next summer.. How big waves does the jet ski make? I was just thinking that my friends motor boat makes pretty nice waves, it is fun to jump over the waves ;D
22.07.2008 12:10 Rav3nI wan't one :D That looks really fun, but i wouldn't be wakeboarding i would be diving :)
22.07.2008 11:51 GSXHaoKi, yea there is some modding happening as we speak.. The jet ski is geting a paint job, and I need to make a wakeboard rack for the side of the ski :D Nothing on the pc front until it gets cold again.
22.07.2008 11:49 GSXSorry to hear about your back lauril. Mine is not in the best condition either at the moment..
22.07.2008 10:39 HaoKiAre you just wakeboarding nowadays or have gotten some modding done? ;)
22.07.2008 09:03 laurilrI have taken an interest in water skiing in several summers. It is just so fun :) Unfortunately I couldn't do it this summer cuz of my back problems :S
22.07.2008 08:12 GSXbtw it's a wakeboard..