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Uploaded: 06.10.2008 23:41
Categories: Cars

GSX - Custom built.. 232mph top speed.

Custom built.. 232mph top speed.

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10.10.2008 12:45 ErrtuDidn't saw these pic before.. damn, thas't one shop, your friend has. pete21 has a point about weight of a car. Lotus makes Elise S that really is light and only has 100kW -> 0-60mph = 6s.. though, I think there are two ways to measure fastness of the car.. track time and 40-150mph pull.. =)
08.10.2008 06:16 GSXIs he really trying to say that? I must be slow then..:) I'm pretty sure that car has very decent 0-60 time. It also really depends what kind of track you're on.
07.10.2008 19:52 willekwhat pete21 is trying to say is, the top speed is not the important spec, but the 0-60MPH time ;)
07.10.2008 09:27 GSXI don't doubt that a 2 liter can pull that with the right mods. Might have some reliability issues with that kind of power tho. This one is Ferrari V8 powered btw.
07.10.2008 01:45 pete21kit car and a 2 liter 24valve cavaier engine will do 250mph with engine mods plus the body of the car is soo lite