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Uploaded: 18.03.2009 03:56
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GSX - I guess it's about that time.. The lake is melting :D17' Checkmate Powerboat175 HP Johnson V6I hear it's good for 70-80MPH with

I guess it's about that time.. The lake is melting :D

17' Checkmate Powerboat
175 HP Johnson V6

I hear it's good for 70-80MPH with the right screw.

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23.03.2009 03:35 GSXOn the boat front, there might be another change. Turns out the motor is too big for the boat, and would take glass work to have it perfect. So I'm thinking about picking up a 21' Checkmate and putting the motor there.
23.03.2009 03:34 GSXYea, this snowboarding season was bad. I never hurt my self so much, but then again I did more riding this season then I did in the last 5 years..
21.03.2009 09:19 HaoKiI've been really lucky with skiing... I used to ski skicross fairly actively and never got hurt badly :) Well the backprotector and helm have earned their price back though :D
21.03.2009 03:40 GSXHere is the foot.. That should be enough :D Only pic I can find, which is a weird panoramic. http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c12/sum0n3/IMAGE_002.jpg
21.03.2009 03:32 GSXYa NYC/PA.. But yea, I got a bit beat up. Flipped the honda quad and knocked my self out. Then I ripped most of the skin off my right foot on the Kwi 55sx jet ski. Then snowboarding season begun, and that was another story.. I'll post some photos but links to my photobucket, wouldn't want it showing up on the front page.
20.03.2009 21:14 rippeaaaa :)
20.03.2009 21:12 Kapperi"24.11.2008 18:33 GSX I live in New York City, tho I have a vacation house in the sticks of Pennsylvania. Thats where I keep all my toys." :)
20.03.2009 21:09 rippewhere are you from btw?
20.03.2009 20:01 HaoKiSay what? Don't tell us that you've hurt yourself with one of these toys of yours...
20.03.2009 19:40 GSXYa I'm still alive. Have been taking it easy this winter, and letting injuries heal. I would post some pics, but it might be too graphic.
19.03.2009 19:26 jumatuseYeah GSX is alive! :D I tought that you dont use this website anymore. :(
18.03.2009 19:02 GSXLol, I'm too predictable :D Tho it should be a fast summer.
18.03.2009 16:28 JapalaHehe, I too immediately knew that this is GSX's :)
18.03.2009 15:28 rippewhen i saw this pic without name, i knew it's GSXs new toy :'D