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Uploaded: 17.11.2009 05:56
Categories: Cars

GSX - My new toy..

My new toy..

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18.11.2009 22:03 pctonNice moustache, sir!
18.11.2009 12:30 Jipayou sure have the best toys :)
18.11.2009 04:00 GSXyep, it's a 300ZX twin turbo. Running Garret GT525R turbos@ 8psi for now. Once tuned the boost will double and will be over 500bhp.
17.11.2009 21:36 DJanneHeikki is right, that is Nissan 300ZX. Atleast all other cars are 300ZX's :D
17.11.2009 19:48 verruHeikki, lol.....
17.11.2009 19:29 Heikki63300zx?? pretty nice and sounds good :p
17.11.2009 18:16 s0lidLooks darn nice, but what car is that? can't get anything to my head whichs frame looks like that.
17.11.2009 17:54 JapalaLike in Goldeneye, "Boys with toys!" :)
17.11.2009 09:04 vikiWoah!
17.11.2009 06:06 GSXCrappy launch video.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLNQmbyfsXU